Storm Zero Gravity

Storm Zero Gravity

Elemental Power
Built upon the storied success of the Virtual Gravity and its famed series, the Zero Gravity is the most versatile of all.

How does Storm help you create more power?
Power is defined in physics as an amount of energy consumed per unit of time. Our goal is to help you become more powerful on the lanes, to kick out more corners, to throw more messengers, and to flat-out cut down more lumber.

The secret is in the Coverstock. You see, it’s Storm’s proven chemistry principles which makes the Difference. It’s all about managing friction and knowing what you, the bowler, expect when you step up on the lane. That’s why your Storm bowling ball comes back to the pocket from parts of the lane where others just cannot compete.

What’s special about the new Shape-Lock LD Core?
It’s just another Weightblock, right? That would be like saying that a Storm ball is ‘just another bowling ball.’ What makes this shape unique is its mass distribution which produces less flare, or for you techies lower Differential (LD). But, with its dynamic design, the Zero Gravity offers versatility in layout selection with increased striking power. Trust us. There is nothing comparable!


Kategorie Wert
Produktlinie:Archivierte Bälle
Gewichtsblock:Shape-Lock LD
Schale:ERG Solid Reaktiv
Härtegrad:73-75 Rex D-Scale
Fächer Potential:4 - 5 Medium-High
Verfügbare Gewichte:12 - 15


Radius of Gyration / Differential

Lbs. Radius of Gyration Differential PSA Core


Passende Ball- pflege / -reiniger

Reacta Foam Ballreiniger
InformationReacta Foam Ballreiniger
16 €


Ball Info

Ball:Zero Gravity
Layout:5 x 4 ¾ x 2 ¼



Der Zero Gravity ist ähnlich wie die !Q Tour Serie mit einem Kern mit geringerem Differential ausgestattet. In Kombination mit der starken Solid Schale, sollte der Ball stark, aber gut zu berechnen sein und den Breakpoint gut kontrollieren lassen.

Mein Layout gibt mir genau diese Ballreaktion. Der Ball reagiert etwas früher und ruhiger als mein Marvel-S. Der Zero Gravity ließt den Breakpoint sehr ausgewogen und ist insgesamt sehr gut zu kontrollieren. Dies ist insbesondere auf flacheren, längeren Sportspattern von Vorteil, da ich die Reaktion gut vorhersehen kann und keine Probleme mit Über- oder Unterreaktion habe.

Wer einen starken, ruhigeren Ball für Long-Oil Pattern mit hohem Volumen sucht, ist beim Zero Gravity genau richtig!

Beste Grüße Karsten Aust

United States of AmericaTest report

The Zero Gravity is similar to the !Q Tour Serie balls in that it features a low-Differential Core. Combine this with a strong solid Coverstock, it means that the ball is strong, but is easy to read and controls the breakpoint nicely.

The layout I chose gives me exactly the ball reaction I was looking for. The Zero Gravity reacts slighly earlier than my Marvel-S. It provides a nice and even reaction at the breakpoint and all-in-all is easy to control. This is a particular advantage on flatter, longer sports patterns, as I can predict the reaction and don’t encounter any problems with over/under reactions.

If you are looking for a control-type ball for long oil patterns with high volumes of oil, then look no further than the Zero Gravity!

Kind regards Karsten Aust