Storm Optimus

Storm Optimus

The Master line features new Technology with innovative Core designs and powerful Coverstock chemistry. It has yielded some of the most cherished bowling balls in our sport.

The !Q Tour series is a perfect example. With three Different Coverstocks and finish options, the !Q Tours have quickly earned a remarkable reputation in the bowling world among the elite level competitors and Pro Shop Professionals alike.

With numerous wins on the PBA and World Bowling Tour , the Marvel Pearl has been equally impressive. Just ask Jason Belmonte who identified the Marvel Pearl as his number one “go-to” ball. And, lucky for you, it’s the performance of the Marvel Pearl which inspired the development of the new Optimus .

Storm is relentlessly committed to the continuous creation of Technological innovations. Without this drive, this passion, the Optimus would never have been possible.

The new Optimus really allows you to experience what superior Technology can offer. You see, it’s not just what goes into a ball’s design but what it does for your game and your scoring potential.

With the Optimus you’ll immediately notice the sharp, striking color combination of the pearlized R2X Reactive shell. It’s highly polished to glide through the beaten-down head area like no other, but the powerful backend traction is undeniably Storm .

Speaking of power, the dynamically charged Tri-Sphere Core brings new meaning to the term ‘power personified.’ The R&D team worked tirelessly to bring this concept to life and this ball motion to you, the bowler. This ingenious design helps turn the corner harder when other balls lag behind. Don’t get left behind; optimize your game!


Kategorie Wert
Produktlinie:Archivierte Bälle
Gewichtsblock:Tri-Sphere / Modified Centripetal
Schale:R2X Pearl Reaktiv
Oberflächenstruktur:Factory Finish Polished
Härtegrad:74-76 Rex D-Scale
Fächer Potential:5 - 6 High
Geruch:Berries N Cream
Verfügbare Gewichte:12 - 15


Radius of Gyration / Differential

Lbs. Radius of Gyration Differential PSA Core


Passende Ball- pflege / -reiniger

Reacta Foam Ballreiniger
InformationReacta Foam Ballreiniger
16 €


Ball Info

Layout:5 x 4 x 2 ½



Ein High End Ball von Storm mit Pearlized Schale. In der Master-Linie gab es in den letzten Jahren, über Marvel Pearl, den drei !Q´s immer wieder richtig starke Bälle. Wir hoffen auf eine Fortsetzung dieser Tradition.

Der Optimus ausgestattet mit einem völlig neuen Kerndesign geht durch seine Pearl Schale ganz leicht durch die vorderen Bereiche der Bahn und knallt genau dort, wo wir es erwarten und am Ende auch brauchen: Am Breakpoint zeigt er eine tolle Endbewegung, hart, eckig und mit einer anhaltenen Bewegung Richtung unseres Ziels.

Richtig gut für medium Bahnen und eine tolle Kombination mit dem !Q Tour FUSION. Die beiden ergänzen sich prächtig im Zusammenspiel, sollte einer der beiden mal nicht gehen. Je nach Spielertyp reiht sich der über oder unter FUSION ein. Bei mir geht der Optimus etwas länger und knickt härter.

Bei zuviel oder zu wenig Öl sollte man ihn gegen einen anderen Ball tauschen, da er hier gelegentlich nicht zu beherrschen ist. In einer Großzahl seiner Einsätze konnte er mich aber eindeutig überzeugen.

Wer etwas stärkeres mit Pearlized Schale sucht – die Suche kann beendet werden – Optimus!

Beste Grüße Karsten Aust

United States of AmericaTest report

The Optimus is a high-end ball from Storm featuring a pearlized Cover. Over the past few years, Storm’s Master Line has included some extremely strong balls, such as the Marvel Pearl and the three !Q´s. We hope this tradition continues for some time.

Equipped with a brand new Core design, the Optimus moves easily through the heads thanks to its pearl Cover and makes a statement where we expect it to be and where we need it. It turns the corner at the breakpoint and makes a really strong, flip-like move to the pocket and does not quite until it reaches the end of the lane.

It’s a great choice for medium lane conditions and makes for a great combination with the IQ Tour FUSION. Both compliment each other wonderfully and one can easily switch balls when one of them isn’t quite right. It’s either above or below the FUSION, depending on the bowler’s style. For my game, the Optimus goes a little longer and makes a sharper move.

In case there is too much or too little oil, it’s best to put it in the bag and use something else, as the Optimus is sometimes difficult to control under those conditions. However, the ball was absolutely convincing in a majority of times when the conditions were right.

If you’re looking for a strong ball with a pearlized Cover, then your search is over — go Optimus!

Kind regards Karsten Aust