Storm Marvel-S

Storm Marvel-S

If you’re ready to achieve new milestones in your career, let Storm help you get there.
The new Marvel-S has several powerful features which are sure to make the difference in your game.

When considering a ball for heavier oil, you need to consider the new Marvel-S . NanoTechnology has proven itself in the Premier Line as the very best Coverstock material when it comes to creating friction in oil. Science has proven that the texture of the NRG Coverstock has higher surface roughness due to its expanded peaks and deep valleys. If you want an aggressive shell, this is it!

Prepped with a textured 3000 Grit PAD finishing, the Marvel-S NRG Coverstock handles Heavy oil like a beast, yet allows you the versatility to adjust the finish as you see fit. For the slickest conditions, grab a 500 Grit PAD or 1000 Grit PAD and you’ll be amazed with the Performance. But maybe the laydown area in your center is a less than smooth. If so, Storm recommends that you use Xtra-Shine , the perfect polish, either on your home spinner or at your local Storm VIP Pro Shop to shine up your Marvel-S . When you do, you’ll be able to skid the Marvel-S through the heads, but will still see ample midlane and backend reaction as well.

And don’t forget about the Core; it’s an important piece of the puzzle! The Centripetal shape provides countless drilling options and produces 6” or more of flare potential to increase ball motion and benefit players of all skill levels.


Kategorie Wert
Produktlinie:Archivierte Bälle
Schale:NRG Solid Reaktiv
Härtegrad:73-75 Rex D-Scale
Fächer Potential:5 - 6 High
Verfügbare Gewichte:12 - 15


Radius of Gyration / Differential

Lbs. Radius of Gyration Differential PSA Core


Passende Ball- pflege / -reiniger

Reacta Foam Ballreiniger
InformationReacta Foam Ballreiniger
16 €


Ball Info

Sureface Finish:Box 3000 Grid PAD
Layout:3 ¾ x 4 ¾ x 2 ⅜
X-Hole:Position P2, 3 inches deep



Da der MARVEL-S für viel und längeres Öl designed wurde, habe ich ihn auch mit einem wirklich starken Layout versehen. Ziel war es, den MARVEL-S als stärksten Ball im Sortiment zu platzieren.

Was soll ich sagen? Der MARVEL-S ist ein echtes Ölmonster und läuft bestens auf den vorgesehenen langen Ölmustern. Ich habe mehrere Long-Oil Sportspattern bis 45 Fuß gespielt und konnte jederzeit eine signifikante Backendbewegung erzeugen.

Jederzeit gut lesbar und reagiert bestens auf Tempo- oder Releaseänderungen. Der Hit in den Pins ist phänomenal und man gewinnt den Eindruck, dass der Ball nach dem Rollen nicht langsamer wird. Er ist exzellent in seiner Reaktion vorhersehbar und für jede Art von längerem oder höherem Öl geeignet.

Fazit: Der MARVEL-S ist ganz genau das, was man unter einem wirklich starkem Ball für viel Öl versteht!

Beste Grüße, Frank Heine

United States of AmericaTest report

Since the MARVEL-S is designed for heavier and longer oil patterns, I drilled it with a very strong layout. The goal was to turn the MARVEL-S into the strongest ball in my arsenal.

What can I say? The MARVEL-S is a true oil monster and rolls best on the long patterns it is intended for. I used it on several long oil sports patterns up to 45 feet in length and managed to create a significant backend reaction at all times.

Always a predictable roll, reacting very well to changes in speed and release. One has the impression that the ball doesn’t slow down after transition-ing from its roll phase. It offers an excellent, predicable reaction and is ideally suited for any type of longer or heavier patterns.

Summary: The MARVEL-S is exactly what you would expect of a super strong ball for much oil!

Sincerely, Frank Heine