Storm Hy-Road 300

Storm Hy-Road 300

At Storm , we are constantly challenging ourselves. We understand that if we take it to the limit with tall aspirations, the end result will never be less than extraordinary. Decades of immeasurable effort spent in research and development has produced equipment that has withstood the test of time. It is our rightful duty to lead, innovate, and produce quality products that are worthy of your passion and enthusiasm.

There comes a time in every bowler’s career when they need to make a decision. Where is bowling going to take me? What arsenal do I bring to the biggest tournament of my life? What is going to be my next investment to the sport? If you’ve asked yourself any of these questions you can rest assured that Storm will be by your side every step of the way.

The Hy-Road is more than just a bowling ball. It is the longest running piece of equipment still being manufactured in Brigham City, Utah. Eight years of longevity is not without merit, however. If you’ve been fortunate enough to roll any ball with the title “Hy-Road” in it, you can appreciate its impact on the bowling scene. Speaking of impact, Inverted Fe² Technology has a higher coefficient of restitution versus most other bowling balls due to the lack of Core material between the Weightblock and Coverstock.

R2S Coverstock material is synonymous with the Storm name. Found on some of the most successful balls in recent history, R2S glides through the early part of the lane with the most dynamic Breakpoint shape found in today’s modern game.

The Hy-Road 300 epitomizes innovative Technology combined with fine workmanship.

The Hy - Road is more than just a bowling ball. It is the longest running piece of equipment still being manufactured in Brigham City, Utah.”


Kategorie Wert
Produktlinie:Archivierte Bälle
Gewichtsblock:Inverted Fe² Technology
Schale:R2S Pearl Reaktiv
Oberflächenstruktur:Factory Finish Polished
Härtegrad:74-76 Rex D-Scale
Ballfarbe:Black/Ultramarine Blue
Fächer Potential:5 - 6 High
Geruch:Wildberry Cheesecake
Verfügbare Gewichte:12 - 15


Radius of Gyration / Differential

Lbs. Radius of Gyration Differential PSA Core


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