Roto Grip Deranged

Roto Grip Deranged

They say it’s just a game. Does it look like I play games?

Imbeciles! How dare they? Their ignorance gnaws at me like millions of microscopic fleas, just biting and biting until I think I’m going to SNAP! Those fools are clueless, and yet they whisper behind my back that I’ve lost touch with reality. You know what’s real? My mad skills at dismembering the pins in almost any lane condition. Crazy? Oh, I’m crazy alright – crazy good!

I know people call me strange…weird…not normal. Yet do they try to get to know me, the person I am inside? NO! Their feeble minds are incapable of comprehending my complex inner workings – my ingenious Middle Roll 70 Core. But, that’s OK. The less they know, the easier it will be to achieve absolute supremacy on the lanes.

When they look at me, all they see is a mass of neon green and white. They have no clue I’m made with the new 61MH Pearl Reactive Coverstock to help me ease through the front part of the lane. Their closed minds only give me more power. Unsuspecting idiots.

My dominance reigns on lanes with Medium-Heavy oil. Nothing gives me more pleasure than swooping in and taking my opponents by surprise with my speed and strength at obliterating the pins. So naïve, so sure of themselves, so ready for me to crush their spirits.


Kategorie Wert
Hersteller:Roto Grip
Produktlinie:Archivierte Bälle
Gewichtsblock:Middle Roll 70
Schale:61MH Pearl Reaktiv
PAD:1500 Grit PAD  
Oberflächenstruktur:High-Gloss Polish
Härtegrad:73-75 Rex D-Scale
Ballfarbe:Neon Green Pearl/White Pearl
Fächer Potential:6+ Medium-High
Verfügbare Gewichte:12 - 15


Radius of Gyration / Differential

Lbs. Radius of Gyration Differential PSA Core


Passende Ball- pflege / -reiniger

Reacta Clean Reaktiv Ballreiniger
InformationReacta Clean Reaktiv Ballreiniger
8 €


Ball Info

Sureface Finish:Box 1500 Polished
Layout:5 ½ x 3 ¾ x 2 ¾



Der neue Roto Grip Deranged hat den selben Kern wie der Roto Grip Disturbed, ist jedoch mit einer pearlized Schale versehen. Das gibt dem Deranged wesentlich mehr Länge und eine grundsätzlich hartere/eckigere Backendbewegung.

Bei meinen Tests stellte sich heraus, dass der Deranged von medium-light bis medium-medium/heavy Konditionen absolut vielseitig einsetzbar ist. Verwundert hat mich, dass ich den Deranged selbst auf trockneren Bahnverhältnissen mit guten Ergebnissen einsetzen konnte. Die Schale produziert einen saubere Rutschphase durch die Heads und eine starke, aber dennoch gut lesbare Reaktion im Mittelteil der Bahn. Das Backend gehört in jedemfall zu den eckigeren, wobei jederzeit erkennbar ist, wann die Reaktion einsetzt. Lediglich auf stark geölten Bahnen, rutscht der Deranged zu lange und produziert eine unvorteilhafte under/over Reaktion.

Ich habe die Schale OOB (Out of Box) gelassen und den Deranged mit meinem Lieblingslayout versehen. Siehe beigefügtes Bild!

FAZIT: Ein wirklich guter/vielseitiger Ball, der je nach vorhandenem Sortiment im oberen oder unteren Teil eingebaut werden kann.

Beste Grüße Karsten Aust

United States of AmericaTest report

The new Roto Grip Deranged features the same Core as the Roto Grip Disturbed, however, the Deranged comes with a pearl Coverstock. This provides the Deranged with substantially more length and generally a snappier/flippier backend motion.

During my testing I discovered that the Deranged was very versatile on medium-light to medium-medium/heavy conditions. I was also surpirised to find that I could use the Deranged with considerable success on drier lane conditions. The Coverstock produced a clean skid through the heads and a strong, yet controlled and readable reaction in the pines. The backend reaction definitely has to be described as flippy, whereby it’s always easy to tell when the reaction will set in. However, on heavily oiled lanes, the Deranged skids too long and produces a less than desirable ver/under reaction.

I left the Coverstock at OOB and used my favorite layout. An excellent and versatile ball which can, depending on the arsenal, be used as a high-end or low-end alternative.

Kind regards Karsten Aust