MOTIV® United Revolt

MOTIV® United Revolt

The United Revolt is the first Pearl ever offered by MOTIV® in the Revolt line and it delivers impressive performance on Medium-Heavy Oil. Utilizing new Helix HFP Reactive Technology for the Cover and the low RG Vanquish Core, the United Revolt provides length yet reads the oil transition incredibly well to give bowlers a strong backend motion that is highly consistent.

The new Helix HFP ( H igh F riction P earl) Reactive Coverstock is specifically engineered to compliment the Vanquish Core and give the United Revolt outstanding motion down lane with devastating continuation. To provide more length and a faster response to friction, the Pearl shell is tuned with a 5000 Grit PAD LSP finish. The Vanquish Core continues to be used in the Revolt line for Medium-Heavy oil because it has a low RG and enormous Differential.

The 15# model has a 2.47 RG and .056 Differential.

This enables the United Revolt to provide plenty of track flare and easy revs, which create more friction and Hook potential. The United Revolt is not only a great compliment to the Primal Fear , but is also the perfect ball to move down to when heavy oil balls begin to produce too much friction.


Kategorie Wert
Produktlinie:Archivierte Bälle
Schale:Helix HFP Reaktiv
PAD:5000 Grit PAD  
Oberflächenstruktur:LSP (Laser Scan Polished)
Ballfarbe:Gray Pearl/Lime Pearl
Neo Mark™:Black Pearl/Silver Pearl
Fächer Potential:5 - 6 + Medium-Heavy Oil
Verfügbare Gewichte:12 - 15


Radius of Gyration / Differential

Lbs. Radius of Gyration Differential PSA Core