Dexter T•H•E 9 - BOA® - Color Shift Men

Dexter T•H•E 9 - BOA® - Color Shift Men

Toehold Hyperflex Engineering: A breakthrough design featuring the most advanced Technology available for bowlers today.

Dexter´s state-of-the-art T•H•E 9 footwear is equipped with a revolutionary new Toehold system that is designed to resist abrasion and can be replaced when needed, extending the life of the shoe. Innovative Hyperflex channels at two stress points on the foot provide the bowler with added flexibility and comfort and help resist sole cracking. T•H•E 9 patented symmetrical design allows the soles to be interchangeable so that the traction and slide sole can go on either foot without trimming. The versatile universal heel system works with every replacement heel in the entire Dexter collection.
T•H•E 9
T oehold• H yperflex• E ngineering
The Dexter T•H•E 9 Bowling Shoes BOA® - Color Shift brings revolutionary Technology to competitive bowlers aiming to stay at the top of their game.

  • Interlocking Toe Hold System - Toe Hold Clip on the intechangeable sole secures to shoe by locking onto recessed track. Highly abrasion-resistant toe material on the interchangeable sole prevents peel-back and helps to prolong wear.

  • Hyperflex Hinges - Dual hinges help to ensure proper alignmentduring sole attachment.

  • Hyperflex Channels - Dual channels allow allow the sole to flex and stretch at both points, minimizing cracking and increasing flexibility and comfort.

  • Symmetrical Outsole System - Patented interchangeable design fits soles on left and right shoes with no trimming.

  • Raised Heel Design - Lifts middle of the sole off of the floor to reduce sagging.

  • Universal Heel System - Designed to fit existing interchangeable Dexter replacement heels.

  • Softest Leather - Glove-Soft upper provides extraordinary comfort and greater flexibility.

  • Secure Fit Last - Streamlined with a shorter toe for a closer fit and more control.

  • Notched Thumb Grip - For easy removal of interchangeable soles and heels.

  • Toehold ? Hyperflex ? Engineering

  • Total interchangeable sole and heel construction

  • Right or left convertible

  • Soft, full-grain leather upper

  • Strobel construction for increased flexibility

  • Molded midsole with classic raised shank and heel

  • Lower tongue with mesh for breathability

  • On shoe (removable) THS7 slide pad, H5 ST, THT2 Traction pad, H2 UB

  • 2 shoe Covers in box

  • Spielertyp: für Rechts- & Links-Händer geeignet

  • Schuhtyp: Herrenschuh

  • Wechselsohlen: JA

  • Wechselabsatz: JA

  • Zubehör: JA

Medium Rechts- & Links-Händer: VERFÜGBARE GRÖSSEN 7½ - 15 (40-47)
Wide Rechts- & Links-Händer: VERFÜGBARE GRÖSSEN 7½ - 14 (40-46)


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Farbe:Color Shift

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