MOTIV Trident™ Abyss

MOTIV® Trident Abyss
Prepare to conquer the deep with the Trident™ Abyss . Merging the Turbulent™ ASYMMETRIC Core and a modified Coercion Cover, this is the strongest ball ever made by MOTIV® and it is built to dominate in a flood of Oil. .

Beneath the surface of the Trident™ Abyss is the Turbulent™ Weightblock.

It provides a lower RG, high Differential, and strong ASYMMETRY. This combination creates maximum track flare to make the turn in deep Oil.

The Coercion™ HV³ ( H igh V olume 3 rd Generation) Reactive Cover on the Trident™ Abyss has been modified to dig even harder in Heavy Oil.

The 2-tone gray Solid shell is tuned with a 2000 Grit PAD LSS finish to provide maximum traction.
The Trident™ Abyss is an obvious fit for speed dominant and low rev bowlers looking for more Hook.

Competitive bowlers will want to use it to cap off their MOTIV® arsenal with a very strong piece that provides control on Heavy Oil patterns.


Kategorie Wert
Produktlinie:Heavy Line
Schale:Coercion™ HV³ Reactive
PAD:2000 Grit PAD  
Oberflächenstruktur:LSS (Laser Scan Sanding)
Ballfarbe:Gray/Dark Gray Solid
Neo Mark™:Black/Blue Solid
Fächer Potential:7 + Heavy Oil
Verfügbare Gewichte:14 - 15


Radius of Gyration / Differential

Lbs. Radius of Gyration Differential PSA Core