900 Global Desert Ops

900 Global Desert Ops

The Desert Ops continues the winning Core and Cover combination that has produced amazing results and success over the years for 900 Global . As the name implies Desert Ops loves the dry. By raising the Break Core RG and lowing the Differential, and Mid Differential in combination with the S70 Pearl Coverstock the Desert Ops is the go to, on scorched earth conditions.

  • The Fan-Favorite S70 Pearl Coverstock provides the perfect blend of friction and backend.

  • The Break ASYMMETRIC Core will create controllable Flare Potential where needed.

  • Use the Desert Ops on Medium-Dry to dry lane conditions.


Kategorie Wert
Hersteller:900 Global
Produktlinie:Archivierte Bälle
Gewichtsblock:Break LD ASYMMETRIC
Schale:S70 Pearl Reaktiv
PAD:1500 Grit PAD  
Oberflächenstruktur:High-Gloss Polished
Härtegrad:73-75 Rex D-Scale
Ballfarbe:Burnt Orange/Gold
Fächer Potential:3 Medium
Verfügbare Gewichte:12 - 15


Radius of Gyration / Differential

Lbs. Radius of Gyration Differential PSA Core